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Temperature monitoring has become part of today’s world and the easiest way of staying safe

Contact less wireless thermal scanner, Tempscan

Smart digital, no-touch solution for you and your loved ones.

TempScan is a, No Contact, smart digital thermometer. It delivers reliable results and ensures excellent performance using high precision, non-contact temperature sensors with medical accuracy and latest technology for faster and safer results

amptronics, Contactless wireless Digital Thermometer, TempScan
Temperature Scanner


Wireless Bright LED Display, TempScan
Wireless 1.8 inch LED Display


Wireless Tower-light with buzzer, Tempscan
Tower Buzzer Light


More than Digital Thermometer

  • Contactless temperature sensing with Accuracy ±0.2°
  • Fast screening, less then 0.5 sec
  • Detection of normal or abnormal conditions with both digital display & sound alert
  • Customizable temperature Setting displays °C / °F
  • Provision for operating with magnetic door locks & boom barriers
  • No human contact, thus no cross infection
  • No human operation, or Intervention is required
  • 0.8 inch bright digital display
  • Battery backup upto 4-5 HRS
  • Food grade stainless steel 304, easy to sanitize

Application Areas

The intelligent temperature measuring device can be installed in the main entrance of places like

Residential homes | Offices Hospitals | Clinics | Public offices Airports | Conference venues Events | Bus & Railway stations Terminals | Government departments Factories | Shopping malls | Supermarkets Educational institutions | Religious gatherings

tempscan application areas